DTTA La Española

Day Treatment and Training for Adults (DTTA)

This Program provides specialized sensory-motor, cognitive, communicative, social interaction and behavioral training. 

Our goals are:
  • To provide training and supervision for the member to maintain or increase their self help, socialization and adaptive skills.
  • To maintain and/or develop positive relationships between members and their families.
  • To provide members the opportunities to interact socially within the community and;
  • To provide them access to available resources. Thus, DTTA provides its members the opportunity to participate in meaningful and challenging experiences in a successful manner.

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday – Personal Development Activities

Wednesday – Dining Out Activities

Friday – Social Time Activities

Our monthly schedules are posted here


The members that are not physically able to volunteer or do not want to participate in volunteer activities, yet in order to help them with sensory issues, they have the opportunity to visit the Santa Fe Ranch to interact with animals out in nature.

During lunch time they are taught how to appropriately use silverware and use good manners.

During the afternoon they work on their individual goals and develop skills by playing video games, board games and computers.

Our members choose from activities in or outside the program that they feel more comfortable with.