La Castellana Cafe

Santa Cruz Training Program, Inc. welcomes you to our bakery and kitchen at La Castellana Cafe, where our trainees with disabilities learn how to cook, bake, prepare, and serve our guests so they can find gainful employment in the community.

We are open Monday – Friday, 8am-2pm. We have a monthly menu in addition to our online shop, please order before 10am for that and all orders are $7.00 on our monthly menu.

Please visit our shop for breakfast, lunch, drinks, and yummy pastries.

For Special Events, consider us!

For special events we offer: Pozole, Birria, Cabeza, Barbacoa, Cocido, and many other goodies. Fill out the form below so we can make your event stress-free and hungry guests full.

Give us a call 520-287-5421, Ext 22 for the kitchen or Ext 19 for the bakery.